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Dreaming of a new car? it's easier than you think!

Did you know you can get a brand new car simply by using your higher rate mobility allowance?

Motability is a national UK charity, which helps disabled people and their families to remain mobile. The first Motability car was supplied in 1978 and since then more than 1.5 million cars and powered wheelchairs have been provided.

It means the freedom to come and go, to shop, to work, to get the kids to school. It means staying in touch, making a difference - and getting more out of life. Using your allowance to pay for a new car is an important choice for the life you plan to lead. And Motability is your perfect motoring partner. For thousands of people with disabilities, and their families, it's the key to trouble-free motoring.

Motability take care of the practicalities, including -

  • A single, regular payment which includes insurance, maintenance and roadside recovery.
  • Routine servicing at no extra cost, so you can enjoy the freedom of the road.
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Who can use the scheme..?

To use the mes, the only requirement is that you are receiving one of the following benefits:

  • Higher Rate Mobility component of the Disability Living Allowance
  • War pensioners Mobility Supplement

You should expect to receive the allowance for the full length of the agreement you choose. But don't worry, we can welcome applications as long as you have a least 12 months award length remaining when you apply.

No waiting list, Credit checks or other restrictions apply.

If you do not drive but receive the allowance, you can apply for a car as a passenger and propose two other people as your drivers.

Equally a parent or carer can also apply on behalf of a child aged three or older, who is receiving the higher rate Mobility allowance.

Car adoptions to suit you...

Most simple adaptations can be easily fitted to any car. You need to check that the car you choose can be fitted with the controls you want. Do not buy a car until you have checked with the adaptation firm that this can be done.

Most manual and automatic cars can be adapted fairly easily and all can be fitted with the simpler hand controls for steering, acceleration and braking. The controls which are right for you will be those which you find easiest and most comfortable to use, and which you can use safely.

Consider your needs...

When choosing your car, consider your needs, both now and for the next few years. The car you choose needs to be suitable for the full length of your agreement, so please make sure you consider any long-term needs.

The most important factors are safety and access. You should think about the door width and sill and boot height of the car, whether you need 2,3,4 or 5 doors, or an estate car, or do you need to carry a wheelchair with you?

Make sure there is enough space for it in the car. Check the driving position and make sure the hand and foot controls are suitable and easy to use. Would you prefer automatic or manual gears and would you be more comfortable with air conditioning?

You can test drive any of the cars that you are considering applying for. If you are not going to be the driver of the car, you should take a test drive as a passenger, we will be more than happy to drive you on a test route in the car of your choice.

You will be asked to fill in a Vehicle Suitability Questionnaire with the help of your Motability Specialist. The purpose of this questionnaire is to make sure that the make and model of the car you choose is best suited to your mobility needs now and throughout the full length of your agreement.


Dreaming of a new car? it's easier than you think!

Did you know you can get a brand new car simply by using your higher rate mobility allowance?

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